For the man who never gives up, Spicy aromatic heart notes making the core stronger with fresh aqua citrus top notes with a mix of lemon, melon, ginger and mint.

Red Hot

Bringing to you with a base note of Amber and heart note of aromatic leather, a fresh formulation of active ingredients of cardamom, bergamot, artemisia and Vanilla attaching with the top citrus spicy note to make it a wee bit intimidating to reveal the boss in you.


Once a player, always a player. Bring out your charm with the perfect blend of spice, musky, leather and cedar wood notes.


For the bold and courageous men out there, we have a woody balsamic base note for you with artemisia, sage and sandalwood heart notes; Macho is not entirely about the physical prowess but more of bold fragrances that can drive your decisions.


Your Guilty pleasure- Blend of active ingredients of basil, rosemary, verbena,Juniper, Patchouli with as fresh notes with a musky base and oakmoss Cedar and Vetivar as the heart note to give it a smoother sense of aroma.

Blue Tonic

Listen to your heart, your desire and lead the way with our Cuaiac Wood Cedar Wood and Patchouli base notes topped with grapefruit, lavender and black currant creating a tonic fragrance that can be head turners.


Get ready to be the addiction you wanted to be wearing a musky oak moss base note with basil, galbanum and clove making it a spicy and citrusy top note; a fragrance that will be hard to resist.

Three Zero Five

A formulae to last long, with a musky woody base note clubbed with fruity green and fresh mandarin, sandalwood and blackcurrant heart and top notes to make it smooth like a night stallion.


Saffron,Sandalwood and Vanilla, with a pinch of cinnamon and bergamot makes the combination as smooth as your fragrance being your wingman as you wear it with confidence.



Let your innocence leave an impression; Kovi Innocence is a softer tone of French fragrance with fruity and floral oils along with cardamom, vanilla and sage.


Let your man adore you; adding a tinge of color to your beauty through Kovi Adore Fragrance.

Every Day

Discover yourself everyday as the modern day woman; confident and strong just like your fragrance with bitter orange, raspberry, Gerdenia, Jasmine, Amber and Honey as the active ingredients.


A classic blend of citrus, floral and amber notes that embraces your confidence;smell like a celebrity, celebrate your confidence.


Every modern day working woman needs a fragrance that speaks for your individuality,independence and feminism; damsel brings you all the right notes put together to express yourself as a woman of today.


A combination of fruity floral and woody floral top and base notes combined with Turkish rose, apricot, wild tuberose and Orchid active ingredients, read your expression, wear your expression.


As we call it the aroma of affection, active ingredients being caramel, raspberry,pineapple plum and vanilla majorly creating an aura of only and only you.

French Blossom

The classic French fragrance for all our beautiful women in the world; a soothing blend of citrus floral and amber as top, heart and base notes respectively; you can not go wrong with the freshness of French blossom.

Liquid Gold

All that glitters is gold for her; get your favorite Floral, Fruity and Sweet Muskin one formulation; essences of jasmine, Orris Rose and Pepper creating a world of glitz and glamour for you.

Bright Star

For the millennial generation, bring out the crazy in you; with a sweet blend of apple, saffron, suede and musk. Stand out in the crowd, let your voice be heard and your fragrance be smelt.