Kovi™ Fragrances

Introducing Fragrances for all, with world’s most popular fragrance oils.

Kovi Fragrances express the spirit of fashion, glamour and style; The art of wearing a good fragrance is the key to confidence, success and a feel-good factor. Kovi Fragrances adds color to your style and personality using the perfect blend of global fragrances formulated into a fine composition to tickle your senses and those around.For all those raring to go for a brand that they can feel connected to; welcome to the family of Kovi Fragrances.

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Odora™upgrades your daily essentials with an innovation to protect the environment using bio-degradable ingredients and packaging because we

believe that “We Have To Care” to bring about a change in the products we use every day. As responsible citizens of the world we believe in strongly contributing the little that we can to make the world a better place.
Our patents enable us to become the pioneer in proudly bringing to you the World’s First Aromatherapy Air Freshener husk, replacing the regular chemically composed inflammable aerosol cans. Our Aromatherapy Air Freshener Husk is made of Rice husk which is an organic waste and biodegradable infused with essential oils. We bring to you some of the World’s Finest fragrances for your home, office, kitchen, restaurant and other living spaces

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FINEST CAR fragrances- your home on the move

In the daily hustle bustle of live, we spend half our day in cars

and cabs commuting to either our respective work or long drives on vacation.Odora create sa world of eco-friendly products for you with the world’s finest aroma therapy oils suited best for all moods..Our Gel pods and Diffuser Scent bottles create an atmosphere of relaxation which soothes your mood while driving, keeps you less stressed and the air clean and healthy within your car.

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